"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci


Style A Knit - Svalbard

I bet by now you thought this project, my tiny step towards a more handmade wardrobe, had been scrapped. Well, I am here to tell you that it is finished. Just in time for sweater weather, which, yes, has been here for a while, but I am only now getting around to admitting it to myself. The only good thing about low temperatures is the need to wear knits. Preferably all layered, and topped off with a cardigan like Svalbard.

I am so proud of this project. It has been a huge learning experience, one that I am happy to say I have mastered without too much pain. I love a project that stretches your limits, that teaches and challenges. It has shown me that I can knit more complicated patterns then I thought. The yarn turned out to be a great choice for the project. It has wonderful drape and makes for this lovely cushiony fabric. It is difficult to describe, but I believe it turned out the way it was supposed to. I am looking forward to reaching for this cardigan over and over again in the winter.

Other things I am looking forward to this winter? Cuddles under blankets, sipping hot cocoa, reading books, and planning our summer vacation.

And on a completely unrelated note, I have some exciting blog news to share next time around! Stay tuned 


Happy Feet

2015 ended in a family cold, that dragged on for weeks. We are just now recovered, and it feels like we completely missed out on the holidays. We huddled and cuddled under blankets, moving from couch to bed, and  looking for cozy spots. I stayed away from blogging because I could honestly not string a coherent sentence together.

Now I am back, recovered, and ready to talk. 

Winter days, which are certainly here now, can only be survived by wearing warm, cozy knits. I am one of those people that are perpetually cold, my feet are always frozen. What I realized I needed, is a pair of wool slippers, just like the ones my grandma used to make. And being confined to the house for a few weeks, I had plenty of time to research and find a pattern that greatly resembles the slippers I remember from childhood.

I used the simple house slippers pattern by Temple of knit. It’s such a simple, straight-forward pattern, just the way I like it. I cannot repeat it enough, simple lines and great construction are what I admire the most in a pattern. It’s an almost comforting knit. I made a pair for everyone. And bonus….this is the kind of knit you can model while sick. I did not even have to move from the couch to take the photos.

We are all better now, and sporting a new pair of slippers, clearly, things can only go up from here, right? Just think of what I can accomplish with warm feet!


Let the Holiday season begin

How did you spend this year's first advent? we started preparing the house for the holidays. Pulled out some favourite decorations, made the outside look pretty, planned Christmas activities all the while listening to the Vienna Boy's Choir create a festive mood. I also managed to put the finishing touches on this year's Advent Calendar, and just in time. This year's version features a mix of hockey cards and of course chocolate.

The Details? This IKEA fabric caught my eye last year, and I had to have it, as I knew it would be the perfect backdrop for an Advent Calendar. Add in some hockey cards, every 8-year old boy's favourite, and some chocolate, and voila, our 2015  calendar.


Giving Back

My Local yarn shop is the best. Really. Robyn, the owner, always puts a ton of thought into her window displays. Every season is welcomed with an imaginative, fantastic idea. There was the Valtentine’s display with sheep wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and chocolate boxes filled with little yarn-balls, the yarn-bombed bike, the Christmas tree made of yarn. It’s always a lot of fun to see what she comes up with next, and more often then not the knit-night group is also involved in the planning and creating of the necessary pieces. It’s so much fun to let your imagination fly and to see it all come together.

For this year’s winter display, Robyn is starting this wonderfully thoughtful campaign. She has asked her customers and friends to knit up a collection of Polar Bears. She provides the pattern and the yarn, you simply pick them up at the shop and knit it up. It’s a very easy quick knit. This collection of bears will grace her Holiday window display, after which she will donate them all to a children’s charity.

I find it is a great idea. It rallies this wonderful community of knitters, because ultimately we all knit for the love of the craft, but at the same time we always want our pieces to bring joy to someone. And in this case, they certainly will. I cannot wait to see the finished window display.



I have recently gotten the opportunity to visit Zurich for work, and I allowed myself an extra day to explore the city and meet with a very dear friend of mine. This was my first visit to Switzerland, and I can tell you right now that I do not want it to be my last.

I find it really hard to put into words how  beautiful this little town is, especially bathed in golden autumn light. You can walk along the Limmatt river, crossing back and forth over the different bridges to the old part of town and the main shopping street. There are cobblestone streets, and hidden alleys. There is no shortage of restaurants, offering  plenty of choice, my favourite part being the cafĂ© chairs in front of the restaurant, covered in lambskins for when it gets cool, where you can sit people-watching and enjoying delicious lattes.

The weather was also just right for a little cruise on Lake Zurich, which gives you glimpses of perfect Swiss towns nestled along the shore with beautiful gardens, and incredible views.

Around every corner is a beautiful view, a peaceful spot to just sit and absorb it all.

Here are few glimpses I also shared on Instagram.

P.S. I did not see any yarn shops....bummer...


More Inspiration - Macaron cardigan

Since we've moved to the suburbs, venturing out into the city is considered "an outing" in our house. We all enjoy our little trips, and make an effort to keep things interesting. 

Before the start of school, we took the kids to one of Montreal's prettiest outdoor markets, "Atwater market". 

It is always such an enjoyable experience. Fresh produce everywhere, the smells and colours all delicious and tempting. My favourite spots is this little patisserie, tucked away in a corner. We always make a pit-stop there, to enjoy a cappuccino or hot chocolate and a macaron.

When I walked in this time, and saw their display, it hit me...this would be a perfect colour combination for a girl's cardigan. Inspiration is funny that way, it lurks in the strangest places.

My project is a girl cardigan called "Semis de printemps". It is another gift for my nieces. Their mom had asked for a simple go-to cardigan that can be used any-time, and this pattern is just that.

The yarn I chose to use for it is Noro Tayo Sock, in a colourway that perfectly suits my inspiration. 

If you recall, I just spoke about colour inspiration in my previous post. To me, it is such an important part of choosing a project to work on.

I'm wondering...what inspires you when you choose yarn for a project?



Milestones. The sign that one has accomplished something. It feels good to look back, and to be able to see how far you've come, what obstacles you've conquered, the way you've grown and changed.

This particular milestone, is my 10 year wedding anniversary. Ten years of laughter and joy, ten years in which we've watched each other become parents and learn immensely about ourselves, our life and our relationship.

I wondered for a long time what an appropriate gift would be. It's not an easy choice. I wanted something we'd both enjoy, and also something memorable. I scoured Etsy for ideas, and then I found this amazing little shop. 

The immensely talented Sabina makes these custom cartoon-style portraits. The likeness she was able to achieve is uncanny.

The gift was a hit, and I may just make this a recurring tradition.