"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci



I have recently gotten the opportunity to visit Zurich for work, and I allowed myself an extra day to explore the city and meet with a very dear friend of mine. This was my first visit to Switzerland, and I can tell you right now that I do not want it to be my last.

I find it really hard to put into words how  beautiful this little town is, especially bathed in golden autumn light. You can walk along the Limmatt river, crossing back and forth over the different bridges to the old part of town and the main shopping street. There are cobblestone streets, and hidden alleys. There is no shortage of restaurants, offering  plenty of choice, my favourite part being the cafĂ© chairs in front of the restaurant, covered in lambskins for when it gets cool, where you can sit people-watching and enjoying delicious lattes.

The weather was also just right for a little cruise on Lake Zurich, which gives you glimpses of perfect Swiss towns nestled along the shore with beautiful gardens, and incredible views.

Around every corner is a beautiful view, a peaceful spot to just sit and absorb it all.

Here are few glimpses I also shared on Instagram.

P.S. I did not see any yarn shops....bummer...