"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci


"Mommy to Bee" Party

This weekend we celebrated the impending arrival of my sister's second baby. It was a wonderful celebration, the house filled with friends, happy to see each other and  to be able to catch up. 

We had good food, good humor and good company.

I have written before about my uncle's beekeeping hobby, and what a big part of my childhood it was. My sister was my uncle's biggest helper, she was always by his side, asking to understand what he was doing and to help. Needless to say that just like me she has a soft-spot for honey and bees.

So of course, our theme for this party was....you guesses it! Bees!! As in "Mother to Bee" or "Baby to Bee". 

I had a lot of fun putting together decorations and researching ideas for the party. I chose a happy, yellow theme, with flowers and happily buzzing bees (not real ones of course). I set up an improvised photo-booth, for us to make silly faces, we had outfits for my sister, her daughter and the new baby, created by a very talented friend of hers, an adorable diaper cake and tons of gifts. Since this is an incredibly talented bunch of ladies, another friend made this incredible bee-hive cake which tasted as good as it looked.

In my house , no celebration is complete without a hand-knit gift, so I made this for the new baby.

Next post I have to tell you about our activity, it was the most fun thing I have done in a long time.


Everyone is a little Irish today

A little late in the day, I agree, but I did acknowledge St. Patrick's day today, by finishing the third piece of my Inversion Cardigan. This has been a work in progress since October!

So, for St. Patty's ... little green from me. Hope your celebrations were fun!


Happiness is...

a cup of steaming coffee...
or a delicious piece of chocolate...
the smell of the air after a fresh summer rain...
or sunlight streaming in the windows...
today, happiness is a pile of lovingly hand-knit items...

I guess I am in spring cleaning mode, I have been going through our closets, sorting, evaluating, making piles. I feel a little invigorated by the warmer temperatures, I am back to making lists and plans.

In the process, I pulled out all of my hand-knits to, honestly, simply admire them. They make me happy. Is that funny? I guess it is, but knowing how much time and work has gone to making them, they feel like quite the accomplishment. It is rare that your accomplishments are this tangible.

The hat on top is for a friend, she asked me to make her, she was looking for a slouchy type hat, and after looking through countless options on Ravelry she chose Norie , another lovely pattern by Gudrun Johnston. I used Malabrigo Rastita in black. It is a very easy knit, a very straightforward pattern, and the hat looks adorable!

Anyone else feeling the spring-cleaning bug? Or at least a little less like hibernating? Tell me about your own projects.