"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci


Best friends and a Debbie Bliss cardigan

Do you still remember your best friend from childhood? Do you still keep in touch? How special are these memories to you?
As a mother, I find it fascinating to see my son forge relationships. There’s his best friend from daycare, his partner in crime, whom he plans on taking along for a ride when he gets his own motorcycle and his girlfriend, whom he wears his Super-man T-shirt for. And then there are the friends he sees on weekends, the ones he goes on vacation with and meets at activities.
I am a little obsessive about capturing little special moments for him to remember. I love this picture of A. and one of his buddies. Don’t they look like they’re up to no good?

What does this have to do with knitting you ask? Well, I wanted to show off a new FO. It’s another Debbie Bliss Pattern from “Baby knits for beginners”, specifically the raglan cardigan. I chose a bright-red cotton acrylic mix yarn for durability, and I am really happy with how this turned out.
As this was made for a 3 year old, I enlarged the pattern a bit, and it looks like I’m getting better at adjusting knitting patterns. Now I just have to knit a matching one for A. so they can go out and charm the ladies.


Summer Sweater knit along

Can you believe that I have never tackled an adult sized knitting project? I mean, ok , I’ve “only” been knitting for 3 years, but I’ve always focused on small, fast projects, mainly baby clothes and accessories. But now that I have gathered some experience, I figured I am ready for a new challenge.
Then I saw this post on Luvinthemommyhood, and it was the push I needed to make a commitment. I’ve wanted to knit Hannah Fettig’s Featherweight Cardigan for a while now, and I had even purchased the yarn. The color is this intense red-orange-y-pink/fuchsia. Not my usual color, but something about it just made me think it’d be perfect.
I have never joined a KAL, I simply have no time, but since this is on-line, it’s the perfect alternative. So get ready to hear about this project and its progress, I am myself curious to see how it will turn out.