"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci


Winnie the....Oink?

We all have that one favorite toy from childhood, that best friend we carried everywhere, whom we confided secrets to and without which we could not sleep. I remember vividly how my sister had this pink blanket that never left her side. I myself had a little grey elephant that has miraculously survived, crossed an ocean and now sits perched on a shelf in my son’s room. There is something comforting about a child’s favorite toy and with this in mind I decided to knit one for my son.
When I first started knitting I made simple things for him, cubes, balls, a little car, straightforward patterns, but now I’ve felt ready to attempt a more complicated item. A bear perhaps? I started looking for patterns, and my first thought was Debbie Bliss. I love her patterns, she has modern, stylish clean ideas, and exactly the type of knitting I like. So, pattern in hand I began. It looked really promising once all the individual pieces were finished.
I started sewing the pieces together, filling the bear. Once the head was attached to the body and the face was also completed I proudly showed it to my son, who promptly asked: “Why a cochon (pig), mommy?” Needless to say, I was completely deflated. I stuffed him in a bag and did not touch it for another week. Then I decided that regardless of whether the project somewhat failed, I should finished what I started, so I out it all together. Here he is:

What's the verdict? There is something a little .....piggish about him, I agree. Maybe at some later point I will give it another try.
For now, I will concentrate on finishing Maria's bolero, it's almost done, and and least with that I know I'll be pleased with the end result. Practice makes perfect, right?


Great beginnings

I’ve had this glamorous image of what blogging is. I’ve pictured sitting in front of a cool laptop, at my favorite desk, with a steaming cup of tea or coffee, maybe a bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers next to me, gazing out at a beautiful view. The thoughts are just coming to me and the words are simply flowing, I am being witty and entertaining.
Well, the setting is not exactly what I pictured, but at least I have the cup of tea. As for the thoughts, we’ll have to see, right?
So no more delaying, no more finding excuses to wait for my first post. This is it.
This will be a blog about my artistic endeavors. I’ve decided I need a creative outlet, and as it turns out I am pretty good at knitting. It’s relaxing and I get a great sense of accomplishment from finishing a project. So I am armed with a stack of patterns and I have a million ideas whizzing around in my head.
Let knitmania begin!!