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Spring Inspiration

It’s finally happening. The temperatures are rising, the sun feels warm, and on our walk this weekend we saw crocuses and snowdrops. I bought a pink hyacinth for the kitchen windowsill and it smells incredible!
No knitting updates for today, but I can tell you that April will be an Easter-themed month, and I am even planning my first give-away!


  1. Beautiful photos Monica - Yay Spring. Why am I always too tired to plant bulbs in the fall?! DARN!

  2. Hi Monica! Lovely tiny flowers and great photos!

  3. I'm glad you have your own spots of colours outside, now !
    this photo of your hyacinth is beautiful !!! ours are all gone by now, except for wild ones in the yard...
    Happy April to you :)

  4. Great shots Mon! Really beautiful flowers....


  5. Lovely flowers! We finally had a nice day here. Hope Spring is finally here!

  6. Anne...plant bulbs? These are in my neighbours yard..hihihihi

    Andreia, thank you, not as much choice as in Portugal, but still it's a start.

    Valerie, Happy April to you as well. I know, I have been admiring your photos of your surroundings, I am so jealous!

    Maria....my biggest fan, thank you!

    Louise, welcome to the blog! I know you understand my pain when it comes to the weather...you live it too!

  7. Love those colors, they will certainly be inspiring for your next knit creation...
    Hugs and kisses , Andreea