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Montreal Christmas market

In keeping with my newly established Christmas traditions, we ventured to a Christmas-market this weekend. Last year’s was a great experience and even though we were not fortunate enough to have much snow this time around, it was still great.

With Michael Bublé’s new Christmas CD playing, we headed to the Marche de Noël de L'Assomption. At the market, we were greeted by a wonderful smell of vanilla and cinnamon roasted almonds. We strolled by the different vendors and admired the offerings, even ran into a familiar name

People were milling about buying Christmas trees and warming up by the fire pits that were strewn about the market. A little train was blasting carols and taking excited kids on a ride around the neighbourhood to admire the Christmas decorations. The kids enjoyed watching people eating maple taffy, and posed dutifully with a giant nutcracker. 

Until….a familiar sound caught their attention. Surely it could not be? Did someone really say “HO, HO, HO”?

To everyone’s delight Santa made an appearance at the market. Of course, we also had to greet him and tell him about our own wish list, which by the way includes a garbage truck (don’t ask).

It was a wonderful outing and I can say that this is definitely a tradition I will hold on to.
This weekend I will go around the house and photograph some of our decorations to share with my readers.

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