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Luvinthemommyhood Summer Sweater KAL

If you've been following my blog for a while you may remember that last year I joined the luvinthemommyhood Summer Sweater KAL. It was a great experience. I got to "meet" a lot of like - minded knitters and I loved sharing and discussing my project. Everyone is really helpful and encouraging. So if you've got a project in mind, or if you've been thinking about that one pattern, but have not yet found the opportunity to start... Why not join us?

Here's the link to sign up, there's no pressure, and I promise you it's lots of fun.

Now about my own project, I mentioned here that I found some linen yarn on eBay to use for the Purl Bee Silken Straw Summer Sweater pattern. It was going to be my vacation project. The plan was to use the 8 hour flight to be productive and make lots of progress. I even went on-line to do research and make sure that you are indeed allowed to bring knitting needles on board (I had a printout with me just in case). About an hour into the flight, after A. and S. had fallen asleep, I pulled out my project and settled in for some knitting.

Alas.....barely any progress was made.

I've never worked with linen before, and did not consider the stiffness of the yarn. I am knitting this with 2 strands held together, so the result was a huge tangled mess of stiff, linen, lace-weight yarn. I believe I spent maybe 1 hour trying to untangle it, then gave up, frustrated. In the end, I had to cut out quite a bit of yarn, because I was never able to undo it.

I did not pick up my project for any significant progress, until I read about the KAL. It was the push I needed. So here's a glimpse of what it looks like. It's coming together quite nicely, and I cannot wait to have it finished.


  1. That purl bee tshirts is a great choice, but linen yarn is a bit hard to get used to it I must admit.

    1. I'm getting there, the T-shirt is almost done. Can' t wait to wear it!