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New York

You know those weekend getaways that you always say you're going to plan, or take, but somehow never happen? No?

Well, for us, New York City was one of those. It's "only" a 7 hour drive from Montreal, and the last time we visited was 8 years ago. That time it was just the two of us, we went for New Year's and we focused on eating, celebrating and experiencing the city during the holidays.

This time around, it being the three of us, the focus was a bit different. It was great to see the city through Aidan's perspective, to observe his amazement and his enthusiasm, though at times I wished I could have tamed his excitement.

We walked for hours, absorbing the energy that seems to permeate the city. I took a few hundred photos, and it seems impossible to properly capture the atmosphere, to do justice to such an amazing city. I love it's vibe, the buzz, the craziness, the noise. And the fact that all of this is offset by a perfect "little" oasis that is Central Park.

Here are some of my favorite shots of NYC:

The highlight of the trip for A. was taking a cab. After that, he tried to hail one himself for the rest of the trip. Picture a 4 1/2 year old, sitting in a stroller (yeah, he still does) waiving his arms and yelling "Taxi, Taxi", every time a yellow cab drives by. It was pretty funny.

For me, the highlight was being able to dash into "Purl Soho", for a blissful 30 minutes, to admire their goodies. Had it been at all acceptable I would have followed A's example and run down the street waiving my arms and yelling: "Yarn, Yarn". You knitters out there understand, no?

It was a magical weekend, and I can guarantee I will not let another 8 years pass by before going back!.

Next wekend, HOPEFULLY, I'll show off a finished Levenwick.

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  1. Omg, you went to Purl Soho.. I SO want to go there! Ok need to make it back to new York again!