"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci


Fall is upon us

Where does time go? I blinked, and fall is upon us! As warm and sunny as our summer was, our autumn is making up for it with cool temperature and rain.

I had a couple of blog posts planned, but our outings were cancelled due to bad weather. Between that, and finishing the basement in our house, my material for the blog has been quite thin.

We did manage to drive up north for our annual apple-picking trip, and even though my favorite kind was no longer available for picking, we had a pleasant picnic and a fun outing. While the kids played, the adults sat on a bench, sipping coffee, indulging in warm apple-fritters, and feeling the warm sun, thinking of what a great summer we had.

I now have 20lbs of apples, and even though we've been eating quite a few, it seems we've barely made a dent. I might delight you with some baking-related posts. At least those are not weather-dependent!

We are continuing to live by the "love where you live" mantra, and thus were thrilled to discover that only 5 minutes from our house there is a nature-park, perfect for exploring on weekend afternoons.

Just like last year, we gathered leaves to use in craft projects at home.

On the knitting front, I have been working on the Conversion Cardigan, by Jared Flood, and it's coming along great (picture to follow soon). Unfortunately it will have to be put aside for a bit, as I have now finally signed up for my first ever craft-fair. I have been threatening to so it, for a year now, and I am now officially stocking up with knits for this momentous event taking place at the end of November.

What have you been working on? Are you in baking mode? Any delicious recipes you'd like to share?


  1. Lovely photos. I really love those colors!

    1. Thank you Andreia. I have a hard time leaving the camera at home when it's so beautiful outside!

  2. Those colours are beautiful!! And apple picking is definitely something that makes the most of fall. I wish I had gone this year!

    1. There's always next year! And then your little one will be old enough to also thoroughly enjoy the experience!