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One last summer adventure

I’ve always had a soft-spot for hot air balloons. I find them incredibly romantic and beautiful. This is why, when six years ago they started to hold a hot air balloon festival outside of Montreal, I was thrilled. But every year something prevented me from going.
This year however, nothing was going to stop me. We chose to go the first day the festival opened, as the weatherman promised clear skies, and set off. As an hour drive turned into three, I started to suspect that everyone had had the same brilliant idea. And of course I was not prepared, no toys, no snacks, no distractions. But we were strong, and our patience was rewarded with a parking spot about a 20 minute walk away from the action.
The festival included open-air concerts, inflatable bouncy castles, rides for all ages, food and of course, the balloons. There were over 100 hot air balloons of all shapes and colors scheduled to take flight that evening. How exciting!
We quickly grabbed some sandwiches, and ran to the field to secure a good spot to watch the wonders unfold. After a bit of a wait, because some unexpected clouds decided to shed a few rain-drops, we were delighted with:

What, you mean you cannot see it? Look closely! See that little spot waaaaaaay up in the sky? It’s not a smudge on the lens, it’s a balloon all right! Granted, not a hot air balloon, but….this was all we got to see. The rain had delayed things so much, that it was too late to fly. Did you know that they do not even take the balloons out of the trailer if they do not fly?

Yeah, so feeling completely “deflated” (pardon the pun), we debated what to do. The only way to salvage the outing was to make sure that at least one of us was going to have some fun, so we headed for the inflatable bouncy castles. A few line ups later, the sun was beginning to set and we were trying to convince A., that it was time to go, when  I noticed…..hot air balloons!?
A few of the participants had in the end decided to inflate the balloons, so as to give the crowd at least a glimpse of what we missed. So we did not get to see 100 balloons fly across the sky, but you have to agree that even this sight is stunning.


  1. Oh wow!! What fun!! Who wouldn't love to ride in a hot air balloon?

  2. I agree, even after all this, I still want to try it at least once.

  3. wow, 100 hot air balloons! Would have been a grand show. Your pictures of the late ones, inflated in spite of all, are so beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful day, allthough it turned out differently than planned:)