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Our visit to the coast of Maine

As kids, we spent at least two weeks at the seaside every summer. Romania has a beautiful coastline, and we always had a blast being there on vacation.

I remember waking up early, eating in the garden, then marching down to the beach, our towels and beach-toys trailing behind us. We would return in the late afternoon, our skin still hot from the sun, and smelling like salt-water. Magical wouldn't you agree?

To me, no vacation is complete without a stop at a beach. I love the smell of the sea, the feeling of your toes digging into the sand. Since we spend a few days in Boston back in July we decided to stop by Ogunquit for a few days before heading back to Montreal. And it was a great few days. The weather was incredible, and it felt good to just lie in the sun, finish a book and listen to A. giggling while playing in the sand. The only drawback really was the freezing cold water, and by freezing, I really do mean, teeth cchattering, lips turning blue, feet feeling numb kind of cold. What else can you call a water-temperature of 54 Fahrenheit (that's 12 Celsius)?
Here's a few shots of our time spent there.

On another note, my cardi is almost finished...I am actually meeting he (extended) deadline!!!


  1. For me is the same Monica: no vacation is complete without some days at the beach. In fact our childhood experiences are very strong. I also used to spend the Summer at the beach, near our home.

    Great post!

  2. Such a sweet memory from your childhood, and lovely photos :-)

  3. So lovely... I do love the coast up there, but the ocean is SO COLD as you mentioned. Definitely not what I think of as "beach" being from Brazil. :)

    Btw, found your blog through another blog!


  4. Thank you ladies, and Lina welcome, glad you found my blog!

  5. We dream of seeing Maine one day. We feel like we have seen so much abroad but so little in our "own backyard!"

  6. Tina, that's one of the reasons we decided to explore our own "back-yard". But your recent trips make me totally jealous!