"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci



I have to admit, I have been selfish. This is now three FO's in a row for myself, and to be honest, I am starting to feel a little guilty. Enough to have decided to focus on Christmas presents next. But more on that at a later date.
For now, let me introduce you to Levenwick. I really like this cardigan. It has a classic feel to it, and it fits nicely. The pattern itself, I did not find complicated at all, and I learned a few new things, such as the I-cord bind-off, the invisible purl increase, and a new way to make buttonholes. I am always amazed at how every project teaches me something new, but that also means that I still have lots to learn.
I drove myself crazy trying to find the right buttons for the cardigan. The ones I ended up using look OK, but I think that the perfect finishing touch would be shell buttons, something with a nice silvery-blue sheen. Etsy has a few options, but none in the right size, so I'll wait.

I have to say that there are so many patterns that have caught my eye lately, it's crazy! I received my copy of Coastal Knits, and I think I will have to knit every single item in it. Also Jared Floods new Loft Collection and of course BT Fall 11, how can you not want to cast on immediately? And have you seen Hannah Fettig's new Framed Pullover and Autumnal Cardigan ? How does she find the time? I do not believe there is one pattern by her that I do not love...How will I ever keep up with knitting all of them? Ah, there I go being selfish again!
What about you guys? What's on your knit-wishlist? Any interesting projects in the works?


  1. Love your sweater. That pattern is in my queue, but alas right now my selfish knitting has been put aside for holiday gift knitting. Right now the focus is sweaters for my three kiddos. The first is almost done. Perhaps if I finish early I can return to my stuff. Love Hannah's sweaters. Not only does she find time, but she knits sweater in fingering weight yarn!

  2. Your sweater is absolutely lovely! The only sweaters I've knit have been child sized, so I still have to try the scarey sweater project for myself. I LOVE the Autumnal Cardigan!

  3. Wow! Amazing cardi! So pretty, and I love the color - which goes perfect with the beautiful color of your eyes. Truly gorgeous :-))))
    Love when a project both challenges and teaches, sounds like this did:-)

    My wish list is long and enticing :-) There's a skirt in there, xmas balls, a small cardi, another cardi ...

    I love to have all these goodies to look forward to.

    Now I shall go explore your links :o) Thank you in advance :-)

  4. honestly, beautiful! i love it! gorgeous work. xoxo

  5. Proud Mama...see you've got your priorities straight, Christmas knitting should be at the forefront right now! Which patterns have you chosen for the kids?

    Julie... you know, this is only my second adult size sweater ever! You just have to jump in, the Levenwick is not that complicated, you should give it a try!

    Christine..awwww, you are too sweet, thank you!Hope you liked the links.

    Rebecca...thank you!