"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci



Let me give you a short summary of the conversation between my sister and I that lead to my knitting her a hat for her birthday, and one for Christmas.

Our email-conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey, I was thinking that for your upcoming birthday I'll make you a hat, what do you think?

Her: Sure, sounds great!

Me: What about these? (I sent her photos of Rosebud, Star-Crossed Slouchy and Norie).

Her: Well, Rosebud seems to small, Slouchy too big, and I am not sure Norie is my style.

Me: I should have known, OK, let's make this easier, go to Ravelry and do a  search, pick what you like, and let me know.

about an hour and a half later

Her: What about these? (Attached are no less then 11 different hats)
nice try, right?

Me: I did not offer a life-time supply of hats, I said, one. You are making me second-guess the idea! Can you please narrow it down for me?

a couple of days later

Her: So I've been looking at the hats I selected and I am not sure I still like them. I can't decide, maybe you should pick?

Me (rolling my eyes): All right, what about deciding on a shape? Do you want a beanie type hat or more of a slouchy one? You must know which you prefer!

Her: Well I'd like to try a slouchy, never had one of those, but in case that does not suit me, a shorter style, like a beanie? How about you make two?

(See how she managed to negotiate that one?)

Me (insert exasperated sigh here): Two it is, one of each, I think you need to try something new. What about colors? Can you pick a color for me?

Her (picture a devilish giggle here): Whitish-pinkish-green?

I never answered this last email. My sister is notorious for having a hard time making a decision! Picture this exact conversation whenever we discuss what to do over the weekend or where to go eat.I think she loves torturing me like this, she knows it drives me nuts!

Ah, siblings....but honestly, I could not ask for a more wonderful sister. She's great, and she's my biggest supporter, especially when it comes to my knitting. It's a couple of weeks early, but "Happy Birthday" sis, and you know what? You do get a life-time supply of hats after all!
Ravelry details here: Sorana's Star-Crossed Beret


  1. OK....i am still laughing about it...it does sound bad/funny :) yep this is me...thank god i have my sister to help with my decisions :)and for your b-day a certificat for patience !!!!!

  2. :D !

    unfortunately i'm not much of a knitter, so i can only admire the pretty*pretty hat ! wow !
    and the photos are beautiful too. love the background bokehs

  3. Beautiful hat! She is super lucky. I have a brother and conversations are much more direct (
    ie Hi, I want this, this, and this -thanks)..

  4. Thank you Valerie, I am really happy with how the pictures turned out as well.

    Noas'Libellule, well at least he knows what he wants...right? As long as the gifts are appreciated...