"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci


Butterflies go free

Tomorrow I start my new job. I feel a little nervous, to be honest. Not surprisingly, I have turned toward my kniting to make me feel better, to calm my thoughts. It's amazing what a soothing effect it has on me. I can't help but wonder, what do people do, that do not have such an activity to turn to? I will tell you more about my knitting project in a few weeks, but for now, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I will be posting about our own festivities next week, as we are celebrating orthodox Easter, which falls a week later this year.

In the meantime I will tell you a bit about our trip to the Montreal Botanical garden this weekend. Every year, they have the "Butterflies go free" exhibit, and this year we thought the kids would really appreciate the experience. As you walk into the greenhouse you find yourself surrounded by swarms of butterflies. If you can sit still for more then a minute ( which the kids did not), you might even have a butterfly land on you.

It's truly a bit of magic.

Spring is taking it's time in arriving here. After that one week of incredible weather, we are back to wearing scarves, and any little sign of warmth and green is celebrated. Seeing all those beautiful flowers and colors, has lifted our spirits and has made me once again think of all the projects I am planning on working on this year. I feel energized.


  1. Ahh never seen one such....the butterfly looks creepy with kinda eyes all over.

  2. I love those butterfly gardens! Good luck with starting your new job xo Karen

  3. Love the pictures, beautiful! Good luck with the new job!