"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci


Our Easter

We celebrated Easter this past weekend. The advantage of celebrating it a week later then most people, is that I've been able to scour Pinterest for cute decorating and crafty ideas. The amount of talent and inventiveness out there is crazy!

I had it all planned out. The menu, the activities and the decorations, and I was pretty pleased with the results.

Holidays and family gatherings, such as these, can be tough. Our family is always reminded that we are spread all over the globe, and only get to meet face-to-face rarely. At the same time this fact makes us appreciate the family members that are close by, and nurture these relationships as we know they are precious.Generally I would say that we are too dependent on technology, but to be honest I cannot remember what it was like before we discovered Skype. To be able to "see" your family, to have cousins that have never met interact, recognize and speak to each other has helped me tremendously in accepting that we are living our lives separated. But I am getting too sentimental here.

I started this post by telling you how nicely I had planned out the festivities. As always, plans are one thing, and reality turns into something completely different. The kids squabbled all day, over chocolate, over coloring the Easter eggs, over who was doing a better job with their activity book. I bought the wrong dough for my dessert, and then forgot to defrost the blueberries I needed for it as well (thank God my sister had brought a "just in case" cake), and then I realized I had forgotten to buy lemons, a major ingredient in one of the dishes we were preparing. Finally the laptop shut down in the middle of our Skype conversation because it was not connected to the power-supply.

So our Easter celebrations ended up being the usual mayhem that our family celebrations are.

I will be leaving you with some photos that portray a completely different picture, make you believe it was all a very "zen" get-together. But I am not complaining, after all, how boring would that be?

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